Post Decree Modifications

If you are seeking the modification of an existing child support, divorce or paternity order, there are specific elements you must establish to receive relief. Let an experienced family law attorney at our firm review the facts of your case and provide a candid assessment of your situation.

Our firm handles modifications of all family law orders, including:

  • Modifications of Child Support
  • Modifications of Child Custody
  • Modifications of Parenting Time (Visitation)
  • Modifications of Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

Child Support Modifications
To obtain a modification of an existing child support order, you must establish a significant change of circumstances since the existing order. Although this sounds difficult to prove, any change in your employment circumstances that has affected your salary significantly may warrant an upward or downward modification of an existing child support order. If your situation has changed and you believe you are receiving too little in support or paying too much in child support, contact a family law attorney at our firm.

Child Custody Modifications
If there has been a significant change of circumstances and an existing child custody order is no longer in the best interests of your children, contact our firm to discuss your legal rights and options. Many variables exist in child custody modifications and obtaining a change of an existing order is no simple matter, but an experienced attorney at our firm can advise you of your rights and handle your case if you decide to move forward with a modification proceeding.

Parenting Time Modifications
The most important issue for you and your children is how much parenting time each party will have. Sometimes circumstances change after an Order has been issued that awards custody (both legal and physical) and sets a parenting time schedule. Most often, people need to change, or modify, an existing schedule to see their children because of some kind of change in circumstances. This is very common. Perhaps one or both parents have moved, or the as the children get older, they change school locations, and their school schedules and extracurricular activities change. (Kids become a lot busier as they grow older, whether it’s sports, music, dance, scouts, etc.) It is not out of the ordinary for parties’ parenting time schedules to require some changes, and in some situations, pretty significant changes. There are many things to consider before moving forward with modifying your parenting time schedule with your children, but we can advise you of your rights (and your ex’s rights, because that’s important to understand, too) and handle your case.

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