We have substantial experience in all types of workers’ compensation matters, and we use that experience to help our injured clients navigate the complex and often confusing landscape of the Minnesota workers’ compensation claims process. That experience insures that our clients get maximum recoveries for their workplace injuries.

Medical Benefits: The Minnesota workers’ compensation act provides for payment or reimbursement of all medical expenses related to an injury, including medicines, prescribed equipment, and transportation expense to and from appointments. We make sure that treatment is promptly and fully paid.
Permanent Impairments: When injuries leave permanent effects, the Minnesota workers’ compensation system provides payment for that loss of function or use. This is done according to a ‘whole body’ rating schedule. That schedule is in many areas complicated and difficult to use. We work with our clients’ physicians to make sure that complete and proper ratings are given, and that those ratings are fully paid.
Rehabilitation and Retraining: Workers with serious workplace injuries are entitled to assistance in returning to work, usually through the help of a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC). Injured employees have the right to a QRC of their choice and we help put our clients in touch with a QRC that is hard-working, honest, and experienced.
Repetitive Use Injuries: Not all injuries are obvious. If you perform stressful repetitive motions at work, these motions may, over time, cause injury to an individual’s back, shoulders, wrists or other joints. Minnesota workers’ compensation law provides that work-related repetitive use injuries are compensable. We have extensive experience in this type of claim and we help our clients establish their right to benefits for repetitive use injuries.

Some injuries can be career-ending, and insurers are often unwilling to pay the significant cost of retraining an injured worker to a new job or vocation. We have successfully fought for our clients to be retrained as accountants, office managers, and real estate agents.

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